What are disinfectant/microbial coatings?

Disinfectant/microbial coatings; these coating are been treated with some microbial agent to get rid or prevent the growth of algae, bacteria, mold and others when applied to the surface and it has proven to be an effective way to treat or get rid of microbes. These microbial coatings are made by combining different actives such as silver, zinc pyrithione, some isothazolinone treatments and quaternary ammonium compound. These actives are usually combined together to form microbial coatings because of their differences in strengths and weakness to microbes.

Latex, ink, polyurethane, paint, PVC, powder and lacquer coatings and many more. These coating are coated/sprayed onto hard texture or surface in other create goods that have new properties or features. Normally, according to the nature of these coatings, most coatings can greatly contributes to the growth of algal, bacterial and fungal.

The growth of fungal and bacterial in return affect these coatings by creating some staining, musty odors as well as causes loss or reduction of inherent properties and further leads to the reduction of product lifespan. To prevent this, when you add microbial coatings, it will add value and functional properties to your finished products by preventing further growth and reduce the staining, odors thus extending its lifespan. The good news about these coatings is that, it can be use in different places that include;

House wares




Building Products


Benefits of disinfectant/antimicrobial coatings on your properties

These coating have been proven to be an effective way to provide appropriate and long time protection against bacteria and germs due to its additives properties. In addition, this reduced staining, bad odors, and reduction of product properties on the surface or texture they are applied. As long as these coatings remain on your properties, it will continue to protect your properties by preventing the growth of microbes.

Since microbes are one of the main factors that contribute or cause the degradation of products, when you are applied microbial coatings to your property, they cause no leech, discoloration or changes to the final look of the properties. Thus, making your properties less inclined to lumps and stench that can degrade properties quickly.

Are you a building, public institution or medical facilities manager looking for an effective way to keep your environment clean, safe from germs and to save a lot of money a lot of money as well, then search for nothing else because when you apply disinfectant/microbial coating, it will reduces the money you are going to be spending for maintenance cost on sanitary upkeep and give microbes no chance for growth or survive your properties as well.

Since bacteria and germs keep trending and increasing in number. Workplace and hospital offices are not safe from these microbes as these places are high-traffic place where interactions of people take place every day. When you apply these coatings to high-traffic surface such as light switches, doorknobs and railings at these places, it will keep it clean as well as reduces the impart of germs and bacteria on the surface.

How to know choose the right disinfectant/microbial coating

Before you hire disinfectant coating service for your home or workplace, it is important to get some important information the company you are about to choose. This information involves asking some questions like how they work, ask about their products like how their product works the pros and cons of their products, ask about their hiring procedures, and ask whether their staff are trained or hired seasoned experts. All these information are necessary to have indepth knowledge about the company you want to choose for disinfectant coating.

Knowing what others thought about the service you are about to choose is very important too, you when get references from your business partner or kith and kin from your neighborhood that has hired them before whether they liked their service or not, because if they do, you are on a safer side but if they don’t like their service, then you should continue searching for the right one.

Any competent disinfectant coating service should have insurance and must be fully licensed and should be able to show some prove. To be sure, you can request to see their general and staffs compensation certificates. This will help you ensure whether their workers are hired or cash workers. If they are standard workers, insurance against any injury and liability will be provided, if something went sideways with property while they are working.

Experience really matters when it comes to disinfectant coatings service. Since it’s a new technology, not every company out there really know what it takes to get the job done. Disinfectant coatings are more than just applying microbial coatings to the surface. It requires an experience and in-depth knowledge about the products, like where to apply it, the type of coatings to be applied to each surface and so on. When you are about to choose a disinfectant service make sure you hire a professional disinfectant coating service with a lot of experience.

Why choose our disinfectant/antimicrobial coating?

Do you live in Singapore and looking for disinfectant coating service with every criteria listed above? Search nowhere else because you have found yourself the right disinfectant coating service. In addition we offer varieties of services like



Office Disinfection

Home Disinfection


What our clients saying?

  • They come on time and complete the job in a professional way. Sorry for the rush guys. Covid-19 already kill so many people and i have to ensure my office is clean before my workers step in. I will recommend your company to all my business contact in hand. Thank you so much!
    Steven Yong
  • Corona virus really dangerous and i book the home disinfecting services. I am really impress with their services. They even give me a call the second day after they completed the job to ensure i am happy with the results. Amazing services. Well done!
    Felicia Choong

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