Decontamination Services

If you need reliable and best quality Decontamination services with massive experience but do not have good resources, equipment, or time, our company has your solution. From a large building to the smallest enclosure, our experienced personnel provides that appropriate treatment you need.

Decrease the risk of contamination after routine repairs, shutdowns, and emergency responses of your controlled environments, cleanrooms, spaces, and equipment.

Contamination is difficult to reach areas that put your important environment at risk. Furthermore, several conventional manual cleaning procedures can sometimesfail to access all contact areas. Form regular bioburden elimination to fast response for an accidental event, here we can help you resume process faster to protect your products, people, and research.

Our bio Decontamination services have been proven highly successful in wide range sectors for the past many years.

Our Process of Decontamination


  • Our environmentally safe procedure just residue-free byproducts, oxygen, and water that leave no dangerous chemical behind.
  • Advance VHP Decontamination feature decreasesthe threat of condensation, resulting in increased material compatibility with a huge range of highly sensitive materials, including electronic equipment, painted surfaces, and HEPA filters.


  • Our extremely skilled Decontamination team can respond rapidly and manage your project from start to end.
  • VHP cycle time reduces the downtime as well as lost productivity.


  • The efficient VHP Decontamination procedure is proven to eliminate a wide range of microorganisms including viruses, bacterial spores, and fungi.
  • Reach 6 long elimination an EPA approved hydrogen peroxide STERILANT.

Equipment and Facility Decontamination

Here we will partner with you to make sure desired Decontamination standards are achieved while minimizingexpensive downtime.

Equipment Decontamination

The new VHP technology allows efficient and safe Decontamination of your equipment in just a few hours. Our procedure is extremely compatible with a number of materials. After working with various infectious materials, among product changes and during usual maintenance of equipment, Decontamination is simple and very quick.

  • Isolators
  • Biosafety Cabinets
  • Incubators
  • Walk-in Chambers
  • Cold Rooms

Facility Decontamination

No problem the size, configuration, or the complexity of your facility, our teamwork with you to develop a proper customized project plan. The project starts with a site evaluation that includes a very well-detailed technique statement as well as a risk assessment to make sure a successful and secure execution.

Why Choose Our Decontamination services?

  • Adaptable – efficient custom treatment every project size
  • Rapid Response – our skilled team for swift set-up and proper Decontamination turnaround, including quick response
  • Effective –complete Decontamination in the minimized period with improved and advanced equipment capacity and proficient group members to get up and turning rapidly.
  • Assured –complete reporting with full chemical and biological indicators outcomes documenting a six log kill
  • Productive –availability during holidays, weekends, and off-peak times to make sure you return to complete the process as soon as possible.
  • Integrated –designed and smoothness that blendsinto your existing Decontamination procedure, preventive maintenance, and quick response plans.

Our main goal is to keep you compliant, safe, and operational by maintaining a complete healthy working space. Call us now for further discussion.

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