Microbial Coating Service

A healthy and germs free work environment is of the finest protection from the spread of contagious problems. With several concerns about the Covid-19 outbreak, the imperial disinfecting and coating company is now offering new microbial coating service. During these uncertain periods, we’re here to help you.

Safe and efficient

We’re leading microbial coating service provider, our services are safe and high efficiency in order to find against the microbes decreasing the migration and growth of several types of germs and bacteria. We utilize the best grade raw equipment in order to execute our microbial coating service as per the client’s exact needs.

Advantages of using our Microbial coating services

  • Permanent shield against microbes 

Our microbial coating services have been technically confirmed to be having preservatives that give sufficient and lasting protection against mold, bacteria, fungi, and mold. Therefore, this minimizes terrible smell, staining as well as degradation of materials of areas where they’re applied. For all the time our microbial coating will on that area, microbes will not get a chance as well as the environment to survive and grow.

  • Longer Lifespan

Once our microbial coating service has used to a surface, they cause no discoloration, affect or leech the ultimate look of the area. Our Antimicrobial has a long lifespan that’ll last more than expected on the covers. Therefore, this makes them very less inclined to the lumps and stench that normally characterize other one-off products.

  • Cost-Efficient

Public institutes, medical facilities, and building managers stand a great opportunity of saving an amazing amount of money since they decrease the maintenance expenses associated with replacements of unsanitary products. Disinfecting every object that needs hygienic preservation, as well as maintenance, can be coated utilizing microbial coating services, hence, decreasing labors and supply costs.

  • Enhanced Cleanliness and Health 

There’s a continuous trend of bacteria and germs spreading where there’s a significant population. Hospitals, offices, schools are major spots for germs and bacteria as these areas are characterized by substantial personal interactions daily. Our microbial coating service allows for cleanliness boost on a considerable scale by decreasing the presence of bacteria and germs in the air as well as extreme volumes tracepoints such as doorknobs and light switches.

Why choose us?

With us, you know you are working with true disinfecting and microbial coating experts that provide the industry’s strongest satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied with the coating outcomes of your microbial coating service, we’ll rapidly take the action to solve your problem.

  • On-Time – you can trust our highly skilled, trained, certified and background checked microbial coating service tech to show up on time, working very professionally, and get the job done perfectly and quickly the first time around.
  • Flexible Scheduling – To reduce disruption, we provide our services after weekends, after hours, and around your schedule, our microbial service techs work rapidly while respecting your work environment.
  • Best value of the money – Our quality service comes at a very completive price tag with superior outcomes. Our advanced coating technology and methods outcome in greater clean your and your guest will notice.
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