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June 19, 2020
Self disinfection coating cost Singapore

How much does self disinfection coating service cost?

Want to know how much does self disinfection coating cost in Singapore? Singapore is getting ravaged by the novel coronavirus as more and more cases pop up each day. This worldwide pandemic is not going to be over anytime soon and the sooner we accept that, the better. Thus, the best solution would be to hire a disinfection company that provides self disinfection coating service. The price you will need to pay for this service would obviously vary depending on a few things. It could cost as much as $650 and as low as $150. There are a lot of […]
June 17, 2020
Lift self disinfection service

Pros & Cons on Lift Self Disinfectant Coating

Now we are trying to disinfect everything. We hesitate to step out and try our best to avoid a lift. We all believe that confined places such as lifts can be the house of germs, bacteria, and COVID-19. The problem is that coronavirus does not show any symptoms in many cases. If some person touches the lift button with this infection and you enter the lift and touch the same button, you will not be able to protect yourself from the deadly virus. Now many buildings are using the lift disinfectant coatings to protect the lift button from the virus. […]
June 17, 2020
Remote control disinfection


Disinfecting everything is essential to keep your family members safe at this hour. Other than the showers, floors, a lot of dirty hot spots need cleaning. The Television REMOTE CONTROL and lighting switch are worth mentioning in this regard. You should make sure to clean them at least once every month for avoiding the spread of the germs. The remote control and the lighting devices might get awfully dirty. The current pandemic is another crucial reason to disinfectant them. Because of the germs in the hands, the television remote control is at a higher exposure to the virus. Disinfecting a […]
June 9, 2020

Disinfection Coating – How to Chose the Right One?

Almost every environment in the world containsmicroorganisms and germs. You might be amazed to learn that one 1sq inch of skin there’re more than 600k bacteria. Most are harmless, but disease leading organisms – called pathogens can be harmful and even very deadly! Utilizing the right type of disinfection coating regularly on surfaces all through your facility is vital in helping stop the spread of flu, colds, and many other sicknesses. Since there’re several types of disinfection coatings on the market, it is vital to know what to consider when choosing your disinfection coating – What to Consider When Selecting […]
June 9, 2020

Disinfection Coating – A main types of Disinfectant

Disinfection coating is chemical agents use to non-living objects to kill viruses, bacteria, germs, mold, mildew, or fungi living on objects. By definition, disinfection coating methods must be certified and the active ingredient in every disinfection coating formula is what destroyspathogens, normally disrupting or harming their cells. Active intranets are normally aided by some other ingredients for a number of purposes. For instance, surfactants can be included in a disinfection coating formula to give consistent wetting surfacesor to aid in cleaning. Main Types of Disinfectants A number of broad lists of disinfection coating formulas are used in industrial and commercial […]
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